Oodles 50000 Free ebooks

Oodles is a Free books discovery platform and an eBook Reader! Download the best ebook reader on Android and get more than 50,000 eBooks for FREE.


Bookstore Features –

+ Browse more than 50,000 free ebooks
+ Books arranged in more than 20 categories including fiction, fantasy, travel, romance, thrillers, short stories & many more!
+ Books available in over 10 languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese and many more
+ Separate section for Top books and Top authors
+ Search books by Title, Author, Language and Category

Book Reader Features –

+ Supports epub, fb2 and plain text file formats
+ Read .epub books from your SD card
+ Resize text, adjust brightness, jump to any page
+ Two column view in landscape mode
+ Bookmarks and Table of Contents
+ Read in Sepia and Day/Night mode
+ Curl Page animation
+ Volume key navigation

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