Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why aren’t best sellers/latest eBooks provided for free?

Oodles eBook app is a library of public domain free eBooks only. You may not find a modern bestseller as they have to be purchased from a store.

  • I’m getting the server error 403. What does it mean?
Error 403 or Server Error comes when a user has downloaded more than 10-15 books in a day. We are sorry for putting this limit but for security reasons it is required. This error will go away after 12 hours by itself.
This limit is applied per internet connection and not per device. You can still download books if you try to download them from a different internet connection. For example if you were using your home wifi earlier, switch to your mobile 3g connection. Then you should be able to download more books.
  • How do I access reader settings menu?

Tap in the middle of the screen while reading a book and you should see menu options come up. Tap again to hide the menu.

  • How do I delete a book?

Delete a book by clicking options for the particular book in the library page.

  • Which formats does Oodles support?

Oodles supports ePub and plain text eBooks formats.

  •  I am not able to download a particular eBook. What should I do?

Write to stating the title of the book and author. We shall resolve the issue as soon as possible.

  • How can I add bookmarks?

Long press on any part of text while reading a book and drag the cursors to highlight your bookmark.  Now just click on the Bookmark button which comes up as you highlight any text.

  • When I click on the app icon on my phone, it says ‘App not installed on your phone’. How can I open it?

With version 2.0, the name of application has been changed to ‘Oodles Free eBooks’ in your phone.  Please search the same and you should be able to find it easily.

  •  Does Oodles app support Adobe DRM?

          We do not support Adobe DRM.